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Flower Arrangements: A Cure For The Flowerless Winter Woes

Round flower arrangements are designed so that they can be viewed from all sides. They are most often used on tables as centerpieces.

Frogs In Centerpieces (No, Not the Amphibian Kind)

Usually floral foam, known as oasis, is soaked for an hour and then cut to fit a low shallow container. Oasis can be anchored in the container with green floral tape. Alternatively, a large frog can be anchored with floral clay. The word "frog" is used to describe an object into which stems can be inserted. Metal pinhead frogs as well as glass or ceramic frogs with holes may be used.

Tips For Crafting Round Floral Arrangements

  • Round arrangements can be in a cluster or dome shape.
  • For a clustered effect, cut the foliage and flower stems so that they are all the same length and insert them into the snippert so that the arrangement looks good from all sides.
  • There should be no gaps or holes and the plant materials should completely cover the rim of the container.
  • For a dome shape, use slightly longer stems in the middle and shorter stems around the edge of the container. While a dome arrangement need not be perfectly symmetrical it should not look lop-sided.
  • Arrangements on dining tables must be low enough so that there is an unobstructed view for all diners to converse easily.

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