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Unusual Bulbs That Draw The Eye

accent bulbs

Most of us already have daffodils, but it is always a good idea to pick up a few more, as one can't ever have enough!

I have been looking particularly for more late-blooming varieties to extend the season of bloom. I have been looking also for what are sometimes called accent bulbs-unusual bulb flowers that draw the eye.

Fritillaria imperialis rubra caught my attention in a catalog. It produces a tall, bare stalk topped by a ring of orange-red, bell-shaped blossoms that hang down from a tuft of green leaves.

There's also a yellow, Crown Imperial lutea, and as a bonus they are deer resistant as well as being unusual.

I also love all of the many different alliums that belong to the onion clan. They bloom later than most of the other spring bulbs and are eye-catching paired with early blooming perennials.

I must get more Allium ‘Purple Sensation' with large purple balls on long bare stems. ‘Globemaster' is also dramatic with its giant, long-lasting balls of tiny florets that are light violet in color.

One to amuse onlookers is ‘Hair' that has a stalk topped by what looks like a fright wig of green hair. I will order just one of those as a conversation piece and to amuse the children who visit my garden.

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