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Thanksgiving Flowers and Leaves

maple leaves

For flower lovers, a Thanksgiving table is not complete without some blooms.

A small arrangement leaves more room for the food obviously, while a large one adds an aura of bounty, which is appropriate for the season.

The color scheme chosen should either echo the traditional hues of the autumnal season or pick up the colors in the linens and china.

Colorful fall leaves can be scavenged from the garden and either laid flat individually on the table or floated together in a bowl. If they have stems they can be grouped in small vases. Berries, real or fake, may be added.

Silk leaves can also be purchased and added to store-bought chrysanthemums. In order to keep the arrangement low so that guests can see over it, clip the flower stems.

Also flowers will last longer in water if you clip the individual stems so that each stem has access to water.

Hold them in your hand to arrange them to your liking and then mass them in a low vase.

Or soak a block of oasis foam and put the shortened flower stems into it-close together-so that the blossoms completely cover the wet foam.

If you are using a metal or silver bowl be sure to coat the inside of the container with plastic wrap before filling it with water.

Single flower heads with short stems also look attractive in small, narrow-necked bottles, and odd numbers of containers look best together or lined up along the table. So if you don't want to spend a lot of cash on a voluptuous bouquet, choose a few singletons for a restrained and space-saving flower display.

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