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Working Class Foodie, Latkes And Lamb Ribs, Non-GMO Label

I went to college in New York. I was a student with a very limited budget to spend on food. I just started, without trying to have a philosophy or be part of a thing, just shopping at the greenmarket.

And now, Rebecca Lando has a successful series of cooking videos and a cookbook. She's a Working Class Foodie and we've got her on today's show.

Michelle Pruitt introduces us to a few of the pigs at Uplands Peak Sanctuary.

Perhaps you've seen the "non-GMO" label on some packaged foods in the grocery store lately. Harvest Public Media tells us what hoops companies have to jump through to get that classification.

And, ever had lamb ribs? It's one of Chef Bob Adkins' favorites. His recipe today is something amazing.

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