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Whole Wheat Sprouted Bread, Practice Makes Perfect


As garden beds are being put away and colder temperatures are keeping us indoors, it's the perfect time of year to try your hands at homemade bread. I've been hesitant to share my whole wheat sprouted bread recipe as their are 3 factors involved when it comes to baking bread:

  1. The temperature in your house
  2. The humidity in your house
  3. The type of flour being used (store bought versus freshly milled)

These 3 factors can alter the recipe a bit. This is why each baker in each home will have to customize and work around the base recipe keeping this in mind.

What I would like to encourage you is to practice, practice, practice. With the slower days coming ahead I'm looking forward to trying artisan sourdough boules, baguettes and paines. Yes, baking bread can become enjoyable and therapeutic. It's really true what you hear: There is nothing like homemade baked bread.

Diana's Whole Wheat Sprouted Bread

I use freshly milled sprouted flour, made from sprouted wheat berries. Click here for a tutorial on sprouting grains. Freshly milled whole grains end up being lighter in weight, flavor and has considerable more nutrients. (This recipe works just as well with regular unsprouted flour)


  • 5 tsp, regular active dry yeast
  • 1/4 cup warm water
  • 1/2 cup raw honey
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 3 teaspoons Celtic sea salt
  • 2 cups hot water
  • 27 ounces whole wheat sprouted flour (hard red wheat), (this equals 4 1/2 cups whole wheat flour)
  • 10 ounces plus a little extra, whole wheat sprouted pastry flour (soft white wheat), 1 1/2 cups plus a little extra

Once you start making bread, this process begins to become familiar and you'll intuitively know by the feel and touch of your dough if you've added too much flour or not enough. Â It takes practice but the final results are worth it. Â If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. Â I'm not claiming to be an expert bread maker, I still have a lot of learning to do, but my family is quite happy with our home baked sandwich bread.

Best wishes on your bread making endeavors.

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