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Local Craft Spirit, Asian Spinach Salad, Parking Lot Garden

drinking pisco sour

I knew I wanted bars to be creative on their own. They should be as creative as I feel like making the spirit was a creative process.

That's Matt Colglazier, creator of America's first spirit made from sweet sorghum "Sorgrhum." I meet up with him at The Rail in Bloomington, Indiana to taste a couple unique cocktails made with the stuff.

Chef Daniel Orr will present two recipes, one for a Japanese spinach salad and another for a cold curried carrot soup.

Before that, we look to the Pacific Northwest for a story from Martha Baskin of Green Acres Radio. Community members have transformed the roof of a parking garage in urban Seattle into a garden.

And, Missouri soybeans are exported all over the world and markets are growing. Reporting for Harvest Public Media, Eva Dou visited the self-proclaimed "World Capital of Soybeans," Norborne, Missouri, to learn how local farmers are building on connections to their largest customers.

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