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Voices From The Drought, Corn Two Ways, Street Food

farmers walking in corn field

Well, sometimes you pray a little, sometimes you drink some tequila and some years you may go through more tequila than you do prayers.

That's farmer and author Eric Herm. He talks about how he's navigating the drought conditions on his farm in west Texas.

This week, the USDA declared that over 1,000 counties in 26 states will automatically qualify for disaster assistance due to the extreme drought felt nationwide. While Morgan County, Indiana is not one of the counties designated as a disaster area, Steve Bright of Bright Family Farms in Martinsville says the lack of rain and extreme temperatures are doing a number on his farm.

Corn crops have had a rough go of it lately, which is going to make our two recipes that much sweeter. Grilled corn with Mexican crema and corn cob jelly are great ways to pay homage to a summer staple.

We talk taco trucks with Bethia Woolf of Columbus Food Adventures.

And, the guys of Happy Pig whip up their signature breakfast sandwich, which is best enjoyed on the streets.

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