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Veggie Thanksgiving: Savory Pumpkin And Fried Green Tomatoes

green pumpkin

No Meat Necessary

The gluten-free diet is one of today's top food trends. That might be a non-issue for wheat, but as Harvest Public Media's Eric Durbin found out, it presents an opportunity for another big Kansas grain: sorghum.

At the end of the season, pick all your tomatoes even if they're still green -- then make Fried Green Tomatoes! Recruit some young sous chefs who won't mind getting their hands dirty to help you bread the tomatoes.

Roasted, scalloped, fried, or mashed - sweet potatoes belong as a staple vegetable in everyone's kitchen. At least food writer and political science lecturer Christine Barbour seems to think so. She can't imagine a Thanksgiving without her mom's Caramelized Sweet Potatoes.

The recipe for Savory Sauteed Pumpkin Slices uses a two-pound French pumpkin. This pumpkin is meant to be eaten, unlike the typical Jack-o-lantern. Chef Bob Adkins garnishes the dish with some toasted green pumpkins seeds, or pepitas.

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