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Vegan Pizza Party!

Soft-focus close-up of vegan pizza topped with olives, jalapeños, bell peppers and cashew ricotta cheese

Pizza, pizza, pizza!

New York is slice city. On any given corner you can get two wide, thin-crust slices and a can of soda for just a few George Washingtons. But for those of the vegan persuasion, it can be a bit harder (though not impossible) to grab a slice on the go.

Regardless, the city has rubbed its pizza-loving off on me, and I am forever in love with heaping vegetable toppings and sweet, thick tomato sauce atop a crunchy crust.

Here's an easy recipe for dough that will yield 3-5 pizzas depending on size and thickness. Invite some friends over and be creative with your toppings!

If you want to heed your junky side, go with with fried potatoes or buffalo "chikn" strips. Or, if you want to get fancy, go with fresh arugula, vegan sausage or this cashew ricotta.

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