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Turtle Soup, Big Red Eats Green, Okra From The Garden

okra plant

It's really a vegetable soup, and you use beef and chicken and all the vegetables, like your corn and green beans and your peas and your carrots and your celery.

Sounds pretty typical. But add turtle and you have a southern Indiana delicacy. Traditional Arts Indiana talks to cooks and restaurant owners to learn about the tradition of Turtle Soup.

Farmers are anticipating a future with more frequent droughts. How growers are adapting to growing food with less water, a story from Harvest Public Media.

Daniel Orr's garden is thriving. He picks some okra and serves it up raw -- that's right, not deep-fried!

And taste your way through Big Red Eats Green, an event on the Indiana University campus where students rub elbows with restaurants serving up local food.

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