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Tune In To These Five Food Podcasts

Listen and learn on the go with these five informative, fun and sound-rich podcasts.

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All these podcasts can be downloaded through iTunes.

Each week, Earth Eats shares a comprehensive list of links to food media outlets, including but not limited to film, books, photo blogs, websites, video series, and podcasts.

We’ve become pretty busy people who — let’s face it — love to multitask. For this week’s installment of our food media series, Earth Eats has compiled a list of five food podcasts so you can learn on the go or while you work (or cook). We may not always have the time to read up on our foodie passions, so here’s a chance to learn through listening!

The Splendid Table

The award-winning podcast and radio program The Splendid Table has been offering listeners tastes of food culture, science and history since 1997. Instead of discussing just recipes, producers Lynne Rosetto Kasper and Sally Swift explore the deeper meanings associated with food — those elements revealed every time we enjoy a meal. From wine connoisseurs and cheesemongers to famous chefs and food writers, The Splendid Table contributes the culinary conversation by revealing food’s deeper roots in culture and society.

Good Food

Evan Kleiman, the host of KCRW’s Good Food, explores the roles food plays in culture, politics and history by highlighting diverse perspectives from the food community. Good Food also brings listeners weekly restaurant suggestions by Jonathan Gold, renowned LA-based food writer and Pulitzer Prize-winning gourmand. Although the restaurants reviewed and bizarre foods discussed (i.e. beef tongue sashimi) may be out of reach for some of us, Kleiman and Gold present fascinating conversations for all interests (and palettes).

Taste Matters

Mitchell Davis explores the cultural construct, biology and culinary significance of taste (the good, the bad and the acquired) in Taste Matters. While the production, cultivation and preparation (and all the people involved in those steps along the food chain) are important to acknowledge and discuss, the premise of the show is much more streamlined – taste is the foundation for pleasurable consumption of food.

Spilled Milk

Spilled Milk, with hosts Mathew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenberg, brings humor to the table by combining food history, cooking and taste. They discuss of single food items, like English muffins, salmon, bitter greens and milk. The show contains more silly laughter than substantial knowledge-sharing, and many foods discussed are not the healthiest or freshest (airplane food anyone?). The energetic duo also maintains separate blogs, where fans can access easy recipes.

Greenhorns Radio

Greenhorns Radio is hosted by farmer and activist Severine von Tscharner Fleming. The show recognizes young American farmers and issues they may face in the industry. With nearly two-hundred episodes under its belt, Greenhorns Radio has done well to establish a strong community that recruits, promotes and supports the next generation of farmers. Besides podcasts, the grassroots nonprofit of the same name runs a blog and has produced a short film, all in the name of young farmers and good food.

Sarah Ostaszewski

Sarah Ostaszewski is a student of anthropology and fine arts at Indiana University. She dreams of fresh summer tomatoes from her family's garden, and she loves tasting unique ingredients, learning culinary histories, and tracing foods back to their roots.

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