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Trans Fats To Be Phased Out Within Three Years, Says FDA

The Food and Drug Administration ruled Tuesday that partially hydrogenated oils are no longer "generally recognized as safe" for use in food and must be phased out within three years.

Partially hydrogenated oils are commonly known as trans fats, and they've been used to extend shelf life and enhance flavor of foods.

Trans fats were commonly found in foods like frosting, shortening and other fats that don't occur naturally (like butter) and are solid at room temperature.

Many food manufacturers and restaurants have already stopped using trans fats. As a result, estimated trans fat consumption has declined 78 percent since 2003.

There are no health benefits to trans fats, and they contribute to heart disease and obesity.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association is working on a formal petition to the FDA to request exceptions to the zero trans fat rule.

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