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Traditional Persimmon Desserts And Winemaking At Oliver


You could be drinking this bottle of wine before Christmas for sure. I'm hoping to bottle this in the early part of December.

That's Oliver Winery's winemaker Dennis Dunham. He's working with some catawba grapes we watched bring harvested in last week's episode. He says it's a quick turnaround process, from grape to wine. Dunham shows us around the Oliver facility today and lets us do some tasting.

Before that, Harvest Public Media tackles a topic dairy farmers have been struggling with -- to dock or not dock their cows' tails.

Then, Traditional Arts Indiana brings us a story about the tradition of making persimmon pudding from a couple Indiana experts.

Forager Tracy Branam says he competes with raccoons and possums when searching for persimmons.

And, Margaret Nelson will take a turn in the kitchen making a persimmon panna cotta.

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