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Tofu May Have A Bland Flavor, But It Boasts A Rich Texture

slicing tofu

Chef Daniel Orr is presenting two final sauces for January. If you've been keeping track this month, we've made a beet vinaigrette, a roasted garlic aioli and a tofu rouille. Get another couple blocks of tofu ready for today's recipes.

Tofu doesn't taste like much on its own, which is why we're adding a host of flavor-packed ingredients. But tofu does boast a full and rich texture that scoops well with cabbage chips, crackers and raw veggies.

"The added benefit if you get very little fat and you get extra protein," says Orr. For the Tahini Tofu Dip, you'll need both firm and silken tofu. Same for his Tofu Sour Cream, which is great on nachos or a baked sweet potato. It's also a great base for your other dip creations. "Add roasted red peppers, add curry to make curry dip, wasabi to make wasabi mayonnaise. Lots of different ways to use this," he says.

Also on this week's program, we speak with author Jennifer Cockrall-King who has written about growing food in cities. She points out some innovative projects happening in urban areas around the world.

And, these days we're eating almost twice as many sweet potatoes as we did in 2000. Harvest Public Media tries to understand what's up with our obsession with the orange tuber.

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