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Throw A Gnocchi Party, Invite Butternut Squash, Gorgonzola

gnocchi and butternut squash

I'm convinced that you can cook anything in brown butter and sage and it would turn out delicious, but this is especially true for gnocchi!

Gnocchi are small potato dumplings with a gentle sour flavor. They can be finicky to prepare, so be careful to not overcook them. When they float to the top of your salted water, they should be soft, tender and ready to enjoy. For this dish, cool them down after their dip in the boiling water and set them aside as you prepare the other components -- but keep that pot of warm water handy!

I also grabbed a butternut squash from a local farmer to add some Indiana flavor to this dish. Just as you cooked the gnocchi ahead of time, roast the squash before you start preparing this dish as well.

If you're cooking a squash from your garden or grown by a farmer you trust, you can actually leave the skin on. If you pick up a squash from the grocery store, however, chances are it will be waxed. To remove the wax, plunge it into warm water and then scrub scrub scrub!

One more tip before you're off and running with this recipe: Never add cheese to pasta still on the heat! Be sure to turn off the burner or remove the pan from the stove altogether and then stir in the Parmesan. Otherwise the fat and the milk solids will separate and it will get greasy. Not tasty!

This was a dish our crew simply could not stop snacking on -- the plate was practically licked clean! Let us know how your family enjoys it by writing a comment below.

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