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Letters From Taipei: An Introduction

Street food taiwan

I have been living in Taiwan for the past month, and the food scene is intense.

Since most Taiwanese people have several small meals a day, they take eating very seriously. There's just so many things to choose from!

Try Not To Get Jealous

In the coming weeks, I plan to tell you all about my becoming acquainted with a new food culture. I'll tell you about local breads -- literally a bakery on every corner -- as well as about some of my favorite street foods. Then there are these wonderful vegetarian buffets, fresh fruit shaved ice stands, and awesome Italian noodle shops!

Exploring the foodscape has been an amazing experience for me and my son. (He's mastered trainer chopsticks and even refuses to eat without them.)


First and foremost, though, I have to give a shout-out to my favorite local restaurant, whose name roughly translates to "Yonghe Soy Milk King".

My home's about a five-minute walk from this 24 hour eatery, and it just so happens to be the first place I ate here in Taiwan.

The soy milk -- pressed daily on the premises -- comes in both sweet and salty varieties. Its strongly nutty flavor is completely different than the soy milk back home.

An open kitchen means you can watch as workers constantly churn out eggs, fried breads, dumplings and radish cakes. The large vegetarian steamed buns are a personal favorite - shāobǐng yóutiáo - A fried dough stick wrapped in a sesame flat bread.

Until next time.

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