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Considering Animal Rights, Cooking With Weeds


We're in the midst, I believe, of a burgeoning food movement where people are going to farmers markets more regularly, they're supporting community supported agriculture programs, community gardens. The more that that happens, the more we're going to see factory farms pushed away.

That's Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary. He stops by the Earth Eats studios to talk about how his organization is working to improve living conditions for farm animals.

Hog farmers worry that animal rights groups will parlay moral qualms with certain hog farming techniques into legislation banning them. In Missouri, the General Assembly is poised to pass legislation that essentially would lock in the legality of current methods. Jessica Naudziunas of Harvest Public Media has more.

Later in the program, can you really call it a weed if you can eat it? Hear what chef and cookbook author Didi Emmons thinks about that.

Garden designer Jami Scholl is taking urban gardening one step further by planting gardens throughout downtown Bloomington, Indiana that are fun, silly and eye-catching. Yael Ksander meets up with her and several green-thumbed kids as they install a dragon-shaped garden at Bloomington's science museum, Wonderlab.

In the kitchen, we prepare sautéed dandelion greens with local sausage along with no-bake suet cakes to feed the neighborhood birds.

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