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Spicing Up A Simple Sugar Cookie

pumpkin sugar cookies

Hey everybody! After a long hiatus, it's good to be back to food blogging. I've missed sharing my haphazard food experiments with you all and hope to have many more to share now that I'm here again.

I was on the phone with a friend recently and he was feeling down, so I offered to make and send him some cookies to cheer him up. I didn't have much in my kitchen, so I looked up easy cookie recipes, and found this one on AllRecipes for Easy Sugar Cookies.

As usual, though, I couldn't just leave this recipe as it was. The other day I had made a big batch of pumpkin puree, planning to make some sort of pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie. I decided to use a bit of that and some pumpkin spice to "spice" up these cookies (har har).

Anyway, I think these cookies turned out pretty well all-in-all. The flavor of pumpkin doesn't overwhelm but adds a touch of moistness that makes these cookies a delight to bite into. Plus, they're easy to prepare, and take just ten minutes to bake.

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