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How Many Plants Can You Eat In One Week?

Adding more plants to your diet doesn't just mean fruits and vegetables. Think herbs, spices, grains, beans--each plant has something unique to offer. (Kayte Young/WFIU

This week on our show we take the Back to Our Roots: Plant Eating Challenge, where we find out how many different plant foods we can squeeze into a week's worth of eating, and why we would want to do that in the first place.

Healthy IU, a wellness program for Indiana University employees, offers a Plant Eating Challenge to encourage participants to consume a greater variety of plants. We speak with the designer of the program, registered dietitian Steven Lalevich, about the choice to focus on additions to diet rather than restrictions.

Harvest Public Media has a story on the benefits for farmers planting nut trees for soil conservation.

And if you missed the boat on fresh peas last week, not to worry. Chef Daniel Orr's got another idea for those spring treasures later in the show.

Stories On This Episode

Pea Pods In Orange Reduction

Oranges and fresh peas make a fabulous team in this quick, garden-to-table recipe from Chef Daniel Orr. Serve this recipe as a hot side dish, or cool it down for a summer salad.

Conservation Benefits From Fruit And Nut Trees, Plus Potential Bonus Cash For Farmers

Farmers are getting creative with conservation efforts by planting fruit and nut trees on farms. It's a long-term investment that may pay off for future generations.

Senate Bill Seeks To Help Farmers Obtain Mental Health Services

Depressed commodity and dairy prices and a burgeoning trade war are adding to the usual stresses and taking a toll on farmers.

Mexico Retaliates With Pork Tariffs In Trade Tiff With US

Mexico has slapped a 20 percent tariff on pork imports from the U.S., among levies on other products.

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