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A Not-So-Traditional New Year's Menu

mixing black-eyed pea salad

Traditional New Year's dishes are about encouraging good fortune. That's the superstition with corned beef, cabbage and black-eye peas.

We're upending those traditional recipes today. Corned beef is usually made with brisket or beef round, but Chef Seth Elgar has a different cut in the brine -- beef tongue.

Then, instead of making a traditional bacon-laden black-eyed pea dish, Chef Daniel Orr goes light with arugula, cucumbers and black-eyed peas.

And, we've had fun sharing drink stories in our December shows, from coffee and kombucha to cocktails and eggnog. For the final show for the year, let's pop a bottle of bubbly. Brad Dunn is the beverage director at The Uptown Cafe. He talks about the history of champagne and gives suggestions for broadening the appeal of bubbly from just a celebratory drink to something you'd serve with a nice dinner.

We're doing some celebrating at Earth Eats, because this is our 400th show! Thanks to founder Adam Schweigert, Chef Daniel Orr and all the reporters, bloggers and chefs who have made Earth Eats what it is.

Coming in spring 2017: Earth Eats' cookbook!

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