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Indiana Wine And A Yucatan-Style Taco Stand

Several bottles of Indiana wines, including Traminette.

Many Indiana wineries offer a Traminette. Susan Mintert samples wine from some of Indiana's award winning wineries. (Susan Mintert)

This week Susan Mintert, of Indiana Home Cooks, introduces us to Indiana's signature wine, Traminette.

And we give a second listen to our story on Sázon.

Sázon's Yucatan-style tacos used to only be available at the Saturday farmers' markets or the occasional pop-up event. 

This month, Sázon opened a full-fledged restaurant in downtown Bloomington.

In our interview from 2018 they share how they got their start and offer secrets to their flavorful carnitas.

Stories On This Episode

Sazón’s Carnitas For Tacos


This recipe comes to us from Jesus Barajas, of Sazón Mexican Cuisine. It is best served on a hot, corn tortilla topped with pickled red onions.

EPA Says Insecticide Poses ‘Lower Risk’ To Pollinators


The EPA approved the insecticide known as sulfoxaflor, saying it posed a lower risk to bees and other pollinators than previously thought.

Rogue Wheat Identified As Monsanto GM Strains


Roundup-resistant wheat found in Washington state last month was identified this week as two genetically modified Monsanto strains, likely leftover from the company’s field trials in the Pacific Northwest from 1999-2001.

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