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Food, Inc. On PBS April 21st, Host Your Own Food, Inc. Potluck!

On April 21st, POV Documentaries and PBS will be broadcasting the Academy Award nominated documentary Food, Inc., and they're encouraging fans to organize a Food, Inc. pot-luck for fellow food lovers in their communities.

PBS will also be streaming the documentary a week after this date so you can plan your pot-luck anytime the week after the premiere, or purchase a copy of the movie (DVD or BluRay) and plan a potluck around your own schedule!

Earth Eats has compiled some advice for planning a successful pot-luck, including some of our favorite recipes to help you impress your guests.

Tips For Hosting A Food, Inc. Pot-Luck

  1. Sending Invites and Food Requests to Your is a website that has a pot-luck planner function, allowing you to send out electronic invitations and organize who is bringing what dish to your party. Through this site, you can customize the time, date and location of the event and even pick a Food, Inc. design for the invitations.
  2. Preparing for Pot-luck: If you're planning your party the night of the PBS premiere, check that you have the local airtime correct. POV also has a handy planning checklist to make sure you don't overlook any details.
  3. At the Pot-Luck: POV suggests eating and socializing with your guests before watching the film. Some of the alarming images in the documentary are capable of causing the viewer to lose their appetite! After the film, lead a discussion about the documentary, POV has some good discussion questions on their site to get the conversation started.
  4. After the Event: After the event, get connected with other pot-luckers and upload pictures of the party and the food on the Food, Inc. pot luck Flickr group. And, for all of connected with social media, you can blog, Tweet and Facebook about your event, too, using the #foodincparty hashtag on twitter or on the POV Documentaries facebook page.
  5. Get Rewarded: You could win a POV Gift Basket including autographed books by Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser, a copy of the Food, Inc. DVD, and other food items and gift cards. Go the the POV site between April 22 and May 3 and tell them about your potluck for a chance to win.

Recommended Pot-Luck Recipes

As your planning your potluck, Earth Eats has compiled some of our favorite, pot-luck-friendly recipes emphasizing local, fresh and seasonal ingredients.


Sides and Salads

Main Courses


Stay Tuned!

Earth Eats is working with POV to organize an online chat during and after the broadcast of Food, Inc. and we're hoping to finalize details on that next week, so be sure to check back! (We'll also announce it on our facebook page and twitter feed).

Watch The Food, Inc. Trailer:

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Are you planning to host your own Food, Inc. potluck? Let us know what you're planning below in the comments. You might even be able to connect with fellow Food, Inc. fans in your area!

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