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Frittata Of Squash Blossoms With Sauteed New Potatoes

Frittata of squash blossoms with sauteed new potatoes

Frittatas are baked, open-faced Italian omelets that you can eat directly from the pan if you like.

This recipe uses squash blossoms I picked from my compost bin. Even though we're only using parts of a half dozen blossoms for in this recipe, I picked all the fully-bloomed flowers. That's because the flowers will wilt if left on the plant, but they will stay fresh in the refrigerator for a few days -- long enough to invite friends over for weekend brunch.

This recipe uses a number of my spice blends. You can read the recipes for the Aux Poivres Spice Blend, New Regime Spice Blend, and Mediterranean Herb Blend.

And don't forget the goat cheese!

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