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Brinjal. Aubergine. Eggplant!


I like to pick the medium-sized ones or the Asian eggplants. I think they’re a little more tender. They have a more compact structure on the inside.

The big eggplants are really best for pureeing into baba ghanoush, says Chef Daniel Orr. But since he has small aubergines in the kitchen today, he’ll be baking them off with a miso glaze. It’s a perfect time of year to go all out with eggplant, so we’ll also present Arlyn Llewellyn’s chipotle marinated eggplant tacos.

Then from WFYI's Drew Daudelin, Open Bite Night is a grassroots event in Indianapolis that aims to serve the community and give budding food entrepreneurs a boost.

And, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or, if you’re Lula Luu of Fin Gourmet, when life gives you carp, you make Kentucky Blue Snapper.

Stories On This Episode

A Grassroots Food Festival With Profound Aspirations

Open Bite Night began as cookouts in Indianapolis' MLK neighborhood. Now, locals use the block parties as launching pads for their business ideas.

Fin Gourmet Gives Asian Carp, Addicts A Second Chance

Fin tackles the problem of invasive species by selling high-end Asian carp products while employing some of their community's most vulnerable members.

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