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Cookies Inside, Coffee Outside

River Bailey sitting on a bench pouring water to make coffee outide.

You don't have to go far for your caffinated outdoor adventure. A spot by the White River in a city park will do just fine for 'Coffee Outside.' (Kayte Young/WFIU)

On Today’s show, we have coffee and cookies.

Does it sound like your office holiday party? Well, not quite. 

This week we visit a cookie baking workshop for kids at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, and we take a bike ride with an outdoor enthusiast for some coffee outside. 

Cookie Class

I mentioned last week how I like to make cookies around the holidays. Making cookies is a great thing to do with kids of all ages. 

You can keep it simple or go all out. And even the youngest children can pour a cup of flour into a bowl or cut a shape from some rolled out cookie dough. 

A group of children gathered around a stove with a woman showing them a bowl. Cookies in the foreground

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard's Education Coordinator, Alissa Weiss shows workshop attendees how to melt chocolate in a double boiler (Amanda Nickey) 

 Georgia O’Conner and Alyssa Weis are nutrition and youth educators at Mother Hubbards Cupboard in Bloomington Indiana. The Hub, as the locals call it, is a food pantry and community food resource center that offers regular gardening and cooking workshops for children and adults. 

They’ve got a spacious teaching kitchen and this year they offered a special pre-holiday cookie baking workshop just for kids 

About 10 young bakers and a handfull of parents lined the edges of the tall metal tables in the classroom. They had rolling pins, baking sheets and measuring cups at each station

They taught 3 different recipes, with some of the steps done ahead of time to move things along. Earth Eats sat in on the workshop and interviewed the instructors.

Coffee Outside

Ever heard of Coffeeneuring? What about “coffee outside?”

My guest this week, River Bailey, fills us in on the trend. 

In fact, He takes us along for the ride. 

A hand pouring a small kettle of water over a pour-over device for coffee on a wooden bench outdoors.
There's plenty of cool, lightweight camping gear to collect for Coffeeneuring, but you only need a few key items.

River's Checklist for Coffee Outside (with some links to River's picks):


Kettle or pot

Camp stove

Fuel for stove


Coffee making device and filter (if needed) pour-over or Aeropress


Lighter, fire starter or matches

Container or bag (to store used grounds/filter for the ride home)

A bag or pack (to carry all of the above)

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