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Noon Edition

Halloween Round-Up

two carved pumpkins

If you're looking for some Halloween-related reading, here's a round-up of episodes and blog posts from our archives:




  • "Vampirism or Decomposition." Maybe it wasn't just a disease that was the roots of vampire legends, but people's misinterpretations of how decomposition works.
  • "Ghost in the Lab." Scientists studied why some people feel like there's a presence standing behind them when no one is there.
  • "Animal Slime." Slime naturally produced by animals (and people) is amazing.


  • "The Discovery of Xin Zhui." Read about the discovery of a body so well-preservered that even after 1,000 years, its skin was still soft to the touch.
  • "A Moment of Slime." Learn about some of the chemistry and physics behind home-made slime, and then make your own!

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