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Noon Edition

Food Science Round-Up

a vegetarian cornucopia

If you're trying to get in the eating spirit, here are some A Moment of Science posts that might help!

"The Clean Food Culture of Koshima Macaque Monkeys."

One of the greatest innovations among the Koshima Island Monkeys was when they learned to wash their potatoes in saltwater.

"Why Your Gravy Needs Starch."

Smooth, delicious gravy isn't just art; it's science!

"A Moment of Vinegar."

We broke down the process of how vinegar is made, as well as discussed its different uses in the home.

"Does It Taste Like Grape To You?"

The types of grapes you regularly eat can affect how you perceive artificial grape flavoring.

"Green Vanilla."

The current process for creating artificial vanilla flavoring impacts the environment in negative ways. Scientists are innovating ways to change that.

"Don't Eat Moldy Bread."

Mold that can form on bread is a fungus that can't be safely eaten.

"Ocean Temperature And Your Crab Dinner."

Warmer ocean periods are strongly related to blooms of algae that produce an unsafe neurotoxin.

"Not Just Compost Anymore."

Coffee grounds might already be making your garden incredible, soon they might be cleaning your ground water.

"Future Milk."

Which species provides milk that is extremely protein rich and has three-times the caloric value of buffalo milk?

"Why Do We Love Junk Food?"

People know intellectually that fast food is bad for them, so why do they still crave it?

No Friends? Eat With A Mirror.

The phenomenon of social facilitation of eating makes people perceive food as more delicious when they have company.

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