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Noon Edition

A Dark and Lonely Night: Haunted Love Songs For Halloween

Foggy moonlight with tree branches

Afterglow features a different take on haunted music for Halloween, with evening laments and anguished odes to lost and longed-for love.

This program features music from Julie London, Kay Starr, Duke Ellington, Cassandra Wilson and more, including June Christy's performance of a song co-written by Kurt Weill and poet Langston Hughes.

Elvis Costello does "Gloomy Sunday" (aka "The Hungarian Suicide Song"--you'll get the story behind it), Charles Brown stares into a black night, Al Hibbler's got a strange feeling, Nancy Wilson's haunted by a man who doesn't exist... it's a dark and lonely night for those in love on this Halloween edition of Afterglow.

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