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Blue Room: The Lost Rodgers and Hart


Rodgers and Hart wrote over 500 songs during their 25 year partnership. (Credit: Wikimedia)

Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart wrote some of the most memorable tunes in popular music: “My Funny Valentine,” “Blue Moon,” “My Romance.” In fact, I’ve already devoted two different shows to the pair, featuring over 30 of their most well-known songs — one show chronicling their early years and another exploring their later years.

However, Rodgers and Hart’s 25-year partnership produced over 500 songs, so this week, I’m diving a little deeper into their catalog. Some of these songs may be familiar to fellow aficionados of the Great American Songbook, and maybe even to casual fans. But I imagine for many of you, this will be an hour of discovery for one of the most well known duos in American popular song.

Songs featured on this episode

  • “Here In My Arms,” from Dearest Enemy (1925)
  • “Blue Room,” from The Girl Friend (1926)
  • “This Funny World,” from Betsy (1926)
  • “A Tree In The Park,” from Peggy Ann (1926)
  • “Why Can’t I,” from Spring Is Here (1929)
  • “Dancing On The Ceiling,” from Ever Green (1930)
  • “Ten Cents a Dance,” from Simple Simon (1930)
  • “He Was Too Good To Me,” cut from Simple Simon (1930)
  • “I’ve Got Five Dollars,” from America’s Sweetheart (1931)
  • “Mimi,” from Love Me Tonight (1932)
  • “Lover,” from Love Me Tonight (1932)
  • “Give Her A Kiss,” from The Phantom President (1932)
  • “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World,” from Jumbo (1935)
  • “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue,” from On Your Toes (1936)
  • “Glad To Be Unhappy,” from On Your Toes (1936)
  • “It’s Got To Be Love,” from On Your Toes (1936)
  • “Sing For Your Supper,” from The Boys From Syracuse (1938)
  • “I Married An Angel,” from I Married An Angel (1938)
  • “Give It Back To The Indians,” from Too Many Girls (1939)
  • “I Like To Recognize The Tune,” from Too Many Girls (1939)
  • “To Keep My Love Alive,” from A Connecticut Yankee (Revival) (1943)

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