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A Tribute to Blossom Dearie: "Jazz Pixie" Of American Popular Song

Singer and pianist Blossom Dearie, the so-called "jazz pixie" of American popular song, passed away in her Greenwich Village apartment in New York City in February 2009 at the age of 84.

She had a small, little-girlish voice-critic Whitney Balliett once wrote that it would scarcely reach the second story of a dollhouse--but she used it to her advantage, and had a very sophisticated approach to her vocals and her choice of material. Urbane, witty and wry, and romantic with a bite, Blossom Dearie, as the New York Times said of her after she passed away, was a genre unto herself.

"A Tribute to Blossom Dearie" features music from Dearie's classic late-1950s Verve albums, as well as songs that she recorded later in her career for her own Daffodil label and a number from the TV show Schoolhouse Rock.

Read David Amram's reflections on Blossom Dearie, posted last week at Jazzwax.

Listen to a 1992 NPR interview with the singer.

Watch Blossom Dearie play and sing "Surrey With the Fringe On Top":

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