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WTIU is committed to producing local content that celebrates south and central Indiana. That’s why we’ve created The Weekly Special—an eclectic weekly “magazine” program that looks at issues, events, people, and things of interest to Hoosiers.

We also strongly believe that an informed citizen makes us all stronger so one week a month we interrupt The Weekly Special to bring you IN Focus—a program that features local experts discussing local topics.

And what would PBS be without quality children’s programs. The multiple regional Emmy award-winning children’s program The Friday Zone challenges children to explore, investigate, and experience the world around them.

Additionally, WTIU produces a number of specialty programs that highlight south and central Indiana—series like Our Town, Hoosier Hospitality, Indiana Legends, Wilderness Plots in Concert and much more!

Production support is targeted specifically toward offsetting the costs of mounting local programs. It’s a partnership with the production that allows you to be embedded in the program. Where the program is aired or discussed, you’ll ride along: at the beginning and end of each program and in the program guide.

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