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A media sponsorship is a partnership between WTIU and an organization, usually non-profit, in which mutually beneficial services are exchanged.  WTIU participates in media sponsorships as part of our mission to serve our viewers and community.

Media Sponsorship Guidelines & Criteria

  • Events or programs must be submitted by a not-for-profit organization or non-profit agency.
  • Events or programs should have appeal and value to WTIU’s audience and/or provide some service or benefit to the community, viewers and/or members.
  • Events or programs should be relative to the geographic region served by WTIU’s stations.
  • Priority will be given to events or programs that target a diverse population or address a community need.
  • Priority will be given to events or programs that are free and open to the public.
  • Priority will be given to events or programs that reinforce WTIU’s mission or on-air programs.
  • Events or programs related to candidates for office or political organizations can not be fulfilled.
  • Priority will be given to events or programs that include reciprocal benefits for WTIU.
  • Media sponsorships are not associated with news and/or cultural coverage.
  • Organization who maintain a box office and charge admission to their events are expected to underwrite on WTIU for a minimum contract of $500.
  • Media Sponsorship Scheduling Information:
  • Media sponsorships will be scheduled through WTIU’s Total Audience Plan, meaning on-air announcements will be guaranteed but rotated throughout our available spots.
  • Media sponsorship announcements will be aired 2 weeks prior to the event unless an alternative schedule is worked out.
  • Multiple media sponsorships within an organization should be spaced more than a month apart and the number of sponsorships per organization, per year is usually limited to four.
  • A limited number of media sponsorships will be scheduled during WTIU on-air membership campaigns.
  • Media sponsorship announcements will be written in a neutral language that does not endorse, promote or call to action, but rather, shares information and details of the event or program. WTIU cannot accept pre-recorded spots.
  • WTIU can not include other sponsor information on promotional announcements. Only the non-profit organization and event information can be aired.
  • The organization may also wish to promote the event or program beyond the media sponsorship. In those cases WTIU can offer an underwriting agreement for paid spots.

Media Sponsorship Submission Information

  • Organization will fill out the Application for Media Sponsorship form and E-mail or fax to WTIU Marketing Director. These details will be used for consideration of your request.
  • Send request at least two months prior to event.
  • If you have any questions, please contact WTIU for clarification.

Please send your media sponsorship request to:

WTIU Public Television from Indiana University
Attn: Media Sponsorships
1229 E 7th St
Bloomington, IN 47405

Phone: (812) 855-5900

WTIU Media Sponsorship


Scott Witzke

TV Marketing Director

Call 812-855-5900