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7 Good Reasons to Donate Your Car

  1. You want to help support the public radio or television station you’ve been with longer than you’ve had your car!
  2. You want a personal postcard from “Click and Clack” for your refrigerator or office.
  3. You need as many tax deductions as possible. Donate by December 31st to get the deduction in this tax year.
  4. The car’s been good to you, and you want to do one last good thing for it!
  5. You want to avoid the hassle of trade-in or selling, and a tax deduction from donating will likely net you more than selling it.
  6. The car isn’t very old, but it isn’t running, and will be expensive to repair.
  7. The Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program will tow it away free of charge!

How your donation helps WTIU

Donating a car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle to WTIU, will support not only your favorite PBS programs, but also locally-produced series and specials. WTIU serves hundreds of thousands of households in West and South Central Indiana through programming on four digital channels 24 hours a day, and produces local, regional and national programs. Help support your favorite programming today through car donation to WTIU. Begin your donation online, or call one of our car donation experts at (855) 984-8227 (WTIU CAR) now.

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WTIU Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program

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