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Neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Taylor

Ten years ago, Dr. Jill Taylor suffered a stroke that left her in a vegetative state. Today, she’s a neuroanatomy professor at Indiana University’s School of Medicine and a recent recipient of the 2007 Indianapolis Life Celebrating Life award.

  • Deb

    What is the mechanism that produces such overwhelming fatigue for those with brain injury?
    And how did you regain your cognitive and physical stamina after your stroke?

    What are tried and true as well as new medications, supplements, and treatments those with brain injuries should be talking with their doctors about?

    How can those who have experienced a stroke avoid experiencing continued mini-strokes?

  • Deb

    Can you speak to the latest in helmet design to prevent brain injury in the military as well as the new high tech helmets our IU football team uses to measure G force for concussion alerts and prevention?

  • http://---- maryse schouella

    Dr. Jill: Your book: My stroke of insight is really wonderful and an exceptional human-being, a real example for humanity.

    I have written to you immediately after I read your book in Portuguese and I would be very grateful if you could be so kind as to let me have one in the English Language. I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and there is absolutely no English Edition, here, and obviously, having had an English Education, reading English penetrated my soul.

    I thank you so much and look forward to hear from you enclosing, herewith, a Brazilian Embrace from the bottom of my heart.

    Love: maryse schouella,
    Rua aureliano coutinho, 258, apt. 51,
    cep. 01224-020 – São Paulo – Brazil, 3-07-09 16h46 pm

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