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Week of May 4

Norbert Rodenkirchen

Angela Mariani brings you a conversation with flute player, composer, and improviser Norbert Rodenkirchen – a performer well known for his expertise in medieval music and for his work with ensembles like Sequentia and Dialogos. Join us!

Week of May 11

“Eye Music, Ear Candy”

Don’t you hate it when you’re not “in” on an in-joke? We’ll let you in on the humor in some of the earliest and wittiest examples of “eye music,” where the punchlines are hidden on the page for the performers to enjoy, and the audience has absolutely no idea. This is musical sleight-of-hand at its finest! Then, we’ll hear some of this visually and technically fascinating music performed in our featured release by Crawford Young and the Ferrara Ensemble.

Week of May 18

And One Was a Soldier

We’ll head into battle for a sampling of music by, for, or about soldiers. For many musicians of the past, war was personal; it ravaged their cities, starved their loved ones, drove them to flee, or inspired them to fight. And, sometimes, it influenced what they wrote. We’ll explore music with military ties on this edition of Harmonia. (Repeat of May 12, 2014) LISTEN HERE

Week of May 25


What’s the right way to commemorate loss? For many composers grappling with the death of a colleague or patron, the best memorial proved to be… music. Medieval-, renaissance-, and baroque-era composers penned lavish, sometimes tormented, elegies for departed mentors, partners, and friends. This week on Harmonia, we’ll hear a selection of musical memorials. (Repeat of May 19, 2014) LISTEN HERE

Week of June 1

Flights of Fancy

We take to the skies as we explore music by, for, and about birds. Well, maybe not music by birds, but a wealth of music exists inspired by these “poets of the sky.” In addition, we’ll explore the evolution of the instrumental fantasia, from Byrd to Bach. Flights of fancy, indeed! (Repeat of January 19, 2015) LISTEN HERE

Week of June 8

You Bet!

“You bet your life!”-”Let’s roll the dice!”-”I’m all in!”
The urge to gamble is so embedded in our language that it’s tough to imagine a life without a wager or two of some kind. And “we’re game” this week on Harmonia, as we explore music by gamblers, for gamblers, and about gamblers. (Double-dog dare you to join us!)

Week of June 15

Family Ties

Music seems to run in the family for some genetic bloodlines! Glance back through history and you might notice that there are lots of children who followed in their fathers’ musical footsteps. This week on Harmonia, we’re looking at families wired for song including the Praetorius’s, the Manfredini’s, the Berlin’s, and the Forqueray’s. Plus, we’ll feature releases from Jordi Savall and his two musical offspring.

Week of June 22

Does Your Voice Hang Low?

This week on Harmonia, we’re getting the lowdown on music written for gentlemen with supremely subterranean vocal ranges. No doubt, there’s something special about that “basso profundo” sound. Plus, our featured release by Christopher Wolverton and the Vox Early Music Ensemble takes record-setting depths with performances that include the lowest known ranges in Renaissance vocal music. Join us.”

Week of June 29

Shakespeare in the Park

To be or not to be…a show of Shakespeare quotes paired with thematically related early music pieces? We say: “Yes-it is to be!” Bring a picnic basket and a blanket, and join us in the park.

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Eye Music, Ear Candy

Dosso Dossi's Allegory of Music

Don't you hate it when you're not “in” on an in-joke? This hour, early examples of “eye music,” where the punchlines are hidden for the performers to enjoy.

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