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More Than Votes Are At Stake In This Election

We can change our communities by how we behave, not just how we vote

This is John Clark

I spent nearly fifty years in public affairs, and am a former adjunct professor at I-U’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

I’m now past my Biblical “sell-by” date, but I have never seen such a mean-spirited presidential election. Soon–but not soon enough–about half of us will claim “We won,” and about half will say, “Don’t blame me.” However, almost ALL of us live in a different America than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. We can’t hop a private jet and leave our communities’ problems behind whenever we like. WE are what makes our country what it is, not the President. He or she will not stop crime in our neighborhoods or teach our children right from wrong. We can make this country whatever we want if we UNITE as a people with sound morals, values, and ethics. We are the ones that shape our communities, not whoever is President.

Picking a Commander-in-Chief is very important, but this election has been incredibly divisive. However, we can unite and hold doors for strangers, let people in front of us in traffic, be patient with others, and smile at strangers. We can refuse to let children live in a world where love is invisible and being rude and vulgar is acceptable. Showing each other more love and respect will swing the pendulum back from the hate in this campaign, no matter the result of this. If each of us does this, WE will be the winners of this election. I’m at least going to try.”

For Speak Your Mind, I’m John Clark.

John Clark

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