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WFIU encourages and welcomes the online and on-air participation of responsible commentators from among the general public. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of WFIU, and we will make time and space for opposing viewpoints in response to this message. If you would like to Speak Your Mind on WFIU, read our guidelines below and contact us to get started.


WFIU invites residents of our listening area to contribute short essays for broadcast on Speak Your Mind. We welcome a broad range of styles and subject matter, from reflections on personal experience to informed opinions about current affairs. WFIU offers Speak Your Mind as a forum for the constructive exchange of ideas and perspectives, to stimulate listeners’ thinking, enrich our programming, and demonstrate our commitment to the community.

Contributors frequently express themselves in the format of the letter-to-the-editor, but we encourage contributions that depart from that format into less expected territory: meditation, short story, tribute, parable.

Commentaries within this forum have spanned topics from international conflicts to fondly remembered community members. We have broadcast a breast cancer survivor’s wry take on the color pink and a gardener’s reflections on her down-to-earth pastime. Perspectives have ranged from that of a convicted felon experiencing homelessness to a mother advocating on behalf of children with autism in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

WFIU encourages your participation. If you wish, station personnel will help you convey your points effectively. And we will help you record your presentation for an appealing on-air presentation.

Your essay will begin with an introduction (“This is ….”) and conclude with a standard out-cue (“For Speak Your Mind, this is…”). The essay may be no more than two minutes long. Controversial topics, or critical viewpoints, are not discouraged; although we require references for statements of fact. Endorsements of political candidates, personal attacks, and calls to action are not acceptable. WFIU also follows broader guidelines for religious or commercial material. WFIU reserves the right not to broadcast essays it deems inappropriate to this forum.

Additionally, Speak Your Mind is not designed for venting spleen, making a correction to WFIU’s reporting or opining about the station’s programming, or promoting an event. Commentators may, however, respond to previously broadcast essays in this series. WFIU limits broadcasts to one per contributor per month.

Prior to scheduling your taping, please submit a draft of your proposed essay by email to the Speak Your Mind producer for review.

Speak Your Mind is broadcast selected weekdays at 9 am and 11:24 am. WFIU broadcasts a statement immediately following each essay, inviting other viewpoints and reminding listeners that the commentary does not necessarily represent the views of the station. Contributions to the series will be archived on the WFIU website as audio files and written transcripts, along with a brief bio of the contributor (optional).

Speak Your Mind Staff

  • Michael Paskash, Audio Engineer
  • Will Murphy, Program Director and Producer
  • Eoban Binder, Director of Digital Media

WFIU Supporting Staff

  • John Bailey, Operations Director
  • Nancy Krueger, Grants/Gifts Officer
  • Marianne Woodruff, Corporate Support Director
  • LuAnn Johnson, Program Services Manager
  • Perry Metz, Executive-in-Charge IU Radio-Television Services