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Noon Edition

The Saint Louis Brass Quintet

Formed in the early 1960s, the Saint Louis Brass Quintet is one of America's longest standing brass quintets. The quintet performs the entire spectrum of music for brass, from the works of today's composers to Baroque and Renaissance music transcribed for modern instruments.

George Walker spoke with the quintet about the group's founding, their early and continuing commitment to education, and their repertoire of transcriptions and original pieces. They also discussed the role of jazz in their music, and how they rehearse with each member living in a different city.

The hour-long interview is laced with humor, as the group trades jibes with horn player Thomas Bacon; tuba player and IU Professor of Music Daniel Perantoni jocularly argues over who plays the superior instrument, and trumpet player Ray Sasaki jokes about the brass player's search for the perfect mouthpiece.

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