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Microbiologist Rachel Dutton and Food Advocate Marcia Veldman

This two-part Profiles features a conversation with microbiologist Rachel Dutton and highlights of an archived interview with farmer Marcia Veldman.

(l to r) Rachel Dutton and Marcia Veldman

Rachel Dutton is a molecular geneticist turned environmental microbiologist. Her lab at Harvard University looks at how cheese microbes interact to form communities, and she collaborates with chefs and cheese makers to develop fermented foods using native microbes. Dr. Dutton has been a speaker at events such as the World Science Festival, and she regularly gives classes to the general public on the science of cheese and other fermented foods.

Marcia Veldman is an advocate of food security, sustainability, and community development in Bloomington. She is the owner of Meadowlark Farm and the coordinator of the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market. Veldman is a founder of Green Drinks Bloomington, a monthly lecture series about sustainability, and she co-chairs the Green Sanctuary Task Force at the Unitarian Universalist Church. She was named Bloomington’s Woman of the Year for 2013. (repeat)

Annie Corrigan hosts both interviews.

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