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Noon Edition

Photographers Vik Muniz and Rosamund Purcell

Vik Muniz and Rosamund Purcell

Vik Muniz is a Brazilian artist and photographer who creates what he calls "photographic delusions"—three-dimensional sculptures made from unconventional materials which he then photographs. He incorporates everyday objects such as diamonds, sugar, thread, chocolate syrup, and garbage to create bold and ironic images. His work has been exhibited worldwide.

Photographer and author Rosamond Purcell has made a career photographing items that measure the intersection of the human and the natural worlds. Her images find beauty in old, burnt, and destroyed objects. Her subjects include deceased animals, decayed books, and eerie medical specimens. Her books, which contain both writing and images, include Landscapes of the Passing Strange: Reflections from Shakespeare, Finders, Keepers: Treasures and Oddities of Natural History, and Special Cases: Natural Anomalies and Historical Monsters.

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