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Noon Edition

IU Diving Coach Hobie Billingsley

Hobie Billingsley dressed in sport T-shirt and red IU baseball cap

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Hobart Sherwood Billingsley is one of the most influential figures in the history of diving. Billingsley was Indiana University's diving coach from 1959 to 1989, during which time his athletes captured more than 132 International Olympic and National Championships.

Previously an All-American diver, Billingsley founded the World Diving Coaches Association and was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Billingsley was the subject of the award-winning documentary film Hobie’s Heroes and is author of Challenge: How to Succeed Beyond Your Dreams. He was honored by friends and colleagues recently in recognition of his 90th birthday.

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The program concludes with a story about the dog (and cat, bird, and racoon) days of summer. Writer Arbutus Cunningham reads her story about the wildlife that exists right under our very noses.

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