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Noon Edition

Irish Poet Paul Muldoon

Paul Muldoon

Paul Muldoon's poetry is known for his difficult, sly, allusive style, casual use of obscure or archaic words, understated wit, puns, and deft technique in meter and slant rhyme.

He had his first poem published when he was 16 and his first short collection at 19. In 1996, he was awarded an American Academy of Arts and Letters award in literature.

Muldoon is the author of twelve collections of poetry including One Thousand Things Worth Knowing, Maggot, Horse Latitudes, and Gravel. He has also published works of criticism, opera libretti, books for children, song lyrics, and radio and television drama.

Muldoon served as Professor of Poetry at Oxford University and was poetry editor for ten years at The New Yorker. He teaches at Princeton. In 2003, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

Paul Muldoon was on the IU Bloomington campus as a Patten Lecturer.

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