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Noon Edition

David Ossman And Phil Proctor Of The Firesign Theatre

David Ossman and Phil Proctor

David Ossman and Phil Proctor (Aaron Cain, WFIU)

David Ossman and Phil Proctor are both writers, actors, and humorists. They are also half of the four-man team that made up the original Firesign Theatre, the iconic comedy group that got its start on listener-supported radio in Los Angeles in 1966. The group was nominated for three Grammy awards, and was named by Entertainment magazine as one of the "Thirty Greatest Acts of All Time" for its avant-garde, subversive, and surreal takes on popular culture, politics, and technology.

The Firesign Theatre produced fourteen record albums, had three nationally-syndicated radio programs, and frequently performed for live audiences.

David Ossman has also produced major series and programs for National Public Radio, Pacifica, and American Public Media. He’s the author of novels, screenplays and volumes of poetry. Ossman is credited with organizing the first ever love-in, and he even ran for U.S. Vice-President once, in character, as George Tirebiter.

Before Firesign, Phil Proctor worked extensively in musical theatre on Broadway, the West Coast and in touring productions. He’s also acted for film and television, and has provided voices for several animated films, television series and video games.

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