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Noon Edition

Arts and Disabilities Special

Marian Pettengill, using braces, leads a low-vision tour in gallery with white walls and ceiling at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Art objects hang from the ceiling.  Tour participants Rhett Salisbury and Mary Stores stand in the background.

The thing I think that you need to know as well as anybody else is that we are people, too. Even though we don't see art the same way you do, we do see it.

As distinct from one another as the individuals they profile, these pieces share common themes. They explore how professional artists cope with debilitating symptoms, and show how those who've never tried music, dance, or theater are using it to enrich their lives.

The stories also report on the innovative ways that people are able to enjoy art forms previously off-limits to them. The reports were produced with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. Yaël Ksander hosts.

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