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Red Fox

Red fox. (Lindasay / Pixabay)

-From a poem by e.e.cummings:

"yes is a world

& in this world of

yes live

(skillfully curled)

all worlds"

Patsy Rahn is a poet and prose writer. Her poems have been published in various journals and anthologies, and her non-fiction in academic publications. She has given poetry readings in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Bloomington. She worked for many years as an actress in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles. She is a founding member and chairperson emerita of the Writers Guild at Bloomington and is the coordinator for their Last Sunday Poetry Reading and Open Mic. She works in the education department of the IU Eskenazi Museum of Art.

Patsy reads "Red Fox," "Take Your Power," "I Saw You on Television," and "A Child at Easter."

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