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January 29, 2023


Joe Betz

Having Been Called Dirt

Joe Betz reads "Cannon in the Bean Field," "Having Been Called Dirt," "Farmer Suicide Wherein a Proclamation on Parenting Enters," and "Gratitude with Mixed Religious Metaphors."

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January 22, 2023


Small horse eating

A Small Horse Eats the Heart of a Man Who Left

Erica Anderson-Senter reads "In the Naked Night," "The One Where a Small Horse Eats the Heart of a Man Who Left," and "Notes on Being a Ghost."


January 15, 2023


Bobo2 Jayhawk inkblot

The Land of Cockaigne

Emily Bobo reads "The Tale about the Land of Cockaigne." The original version of this tale is a brag where each line is a bigger lie about how great the Land of Cockaigne was.


January 8, 2023


Lotus flower

Lotus and Depression

Austin Davis reads "Lotus & Depression," "Lotus & Another Day," "Lotus & Holidaze," and "Lotus..."


January 1, 2023


Beth Lodge-Rigal

Another Country

Beth Lodge-Rigal reads "Another Country," "Landing," and "Dear Daughter-."


December 25, 2022


Anatomy, the package

The Package

Patsy Rahn reads "Books," "Evolution," "Ode to Joy," "In this Moment of Good Night," and "The Package."


December 18, 2022


Erica Anderson Senter 1

A Glossary of River Words

Erica Anderson-Senter reads "Portrait of a Summer Night: A Mother Highlighted," "A Glossary of River Words - A story of loss," and "How to Leave a Chicago Bar after a Panic Attack Around 11 AM."


December 11, 2022


Indianapolis Intl Airport tower

I Sing to Myself While Driving to Indianapolis Airport

Lisa Kwong reads "Childhood Fade in Litany," "I Sing to Myself While Driving to Indianapolis Airport," and "S'mores and Smoke."

December 4, 2022


Bobo1 Pig Boy inkblot

How Some Children Played at Slaughtering

Emily Bobo reads her re-telling of a fairytale about how some children watched their father slaughter a pig, then imitated him in play.

November 27, 2022


Dorm room

Columbia, Misery

Steve Henn reads his poems "Columbia, Misery," "Poem for the Mother of My Children," and "Dissociation."

November 20, 2022


Corn on the cob

Sweet Corn

Joe Betz reads "Knuckle Up," "Against the Wind," and "Sweet Corn."

November 13, 2022


Bronislava Volkova

The Mystery of Twilight

Bronislava Volkova reads "Dawn spreads its transparent fingers," "It is time," "Human love sails forth," "I love the quiet," "Once upon a Time," "I have arrived," and "To be caught up in a briar-patch can suddenly become."

November 6, 2022


Lisa Kwong

An AppalAsian Finds Home

Lisa Kwong reads "An AppalAsian Finds Home in Bloomington, Indiana" and "Searching for Wonton Soup."

October 30, 2022


Boy crying

The Dad Rules

Steve reads his poems from his book American Male: "Loss or One for Josh Wildman," "How in God’s Holy Name is This Boy Ever Going to Survive?," "The Dad Rules," "The Spirit Moving Through Me."

October 23, 2022



Lotus and the Meteors

Austin Davis reads "Lotus and the Meteors" and "Lotus and Loss."

October 16, 2022


Grove of trees

When I Meander

Bronislava Volkova reads "When I meander into the groves," "I hear," "Steep streams of water," "You are leaving, you will leave, you have left," "An invitation to be," and "I am the moon."

October 2, 2022


Red envelope

My Mother Who Dared Beyond Tai Shan

Lisa Kwong reads "Poem for My Mother Who Dared Beyond Tai Shan."

September 18, 2022


Austin Davis

Lotus and Love

Austin Davis reads "The World Will End Tonight," "Lotus & Fear," and "Lotus & Love.

September 4, 2022


Swimmer in bay

My Father’s Swim from China

Lisa Kwong reads "On the 42nd Anniversary of My Father’s Swim from China, 10/17/2015" and "The Baby Behind the Cash Register at Canton Restaurant."

May 29, 2022


Red-Winged Blackbird

Joe Betz reads "Soot," "Portage, IN," and "Red-Winged Blackbird."

May 8, 2022


Old woman's hand

Like the Hands of Old Women

Via Zoom from Prague, Bronislava Volková reads "There is no intermediary," "There is no time, only water," "Thre is a way of Chestnut trees," "We are the orphans of the meadows and drink," "Dear Fufi," and "The deaf and dumb hand."

April 17, 2022


Coffee shop

Perfectly Natural

Steve Henn reads his poems "The Dawning," "Father's Day, Fishing," "Perfectly Natural."

February 6, 2022


Pink confetti

Pink Confetti

Doug Paul Case reads "Pink Confetti," "Sorry the Plant You Gave Me Is Dead," and "Is A Cabin in the Middle of Nowhere Still in the Middle of Nowhere."

January 30, 2022



A Million-Mile Tail

Carrie Newcomer reads "Even Then" and "A Million-Mile Tail."

January 23, 2022


Samandar Ghaus

Coming Out Day

Samandar Ghaus reads their poem "Coming Out Day."

January 16, 2022


Doug Paul Case


Doug Paul Case reads "Buck," "Selfhood," "Inaccuracy Because Either Can Be Either," and "I Saw the Ghost."

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