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What to expect in 2024 

A behind the scenes still of shooting Indiana Newsdesk with Joe Hren.

(Zach Herndon, WFIU/WTIU News)

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It’s a new year, but many leftover questions remain from 2023.   

We are entering a highly anticipated presidential election year, and the election picture became muddier late last year. Colorado and Maine ruled that former President Donald Trump should be removed from the ballot due to his “engagement in the insurrection.” He has appealed to the Supreme Court and a decision has yet to be made.  

In Bloomington, Kerry Thomson was sworn in for her first term as mayor along with some other new faces on the city council.  Thomson will be faced with some looming questions such as the new police station location, annexation, and the convention center expansion.   

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Environmental concerns and projects, ongoing war in Gaza and Ukraine, and major Supreme Court decisions are on the national agenda. A range of local and state issues will also be debated.   

This week on Noon Edition, we will talk with reporters about the upcoming year and what to expect.  

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Max Jones - Editor of the Tribune-Star since 2000 

Kayla Dwyer – Statehouse Reporter for the IndyStar 

Ethan Sandweiss – Multimedia Journalist for WTIU/WFIU news 


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