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What the Dominion lawsuit says about news media 

A voting machine.

(Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

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Last week, Fox News agreed to pay $787.5 million to Dominion, a voting machine company, in a defamation lawsuit settlement, one of the largest defamation settlements in history. Dominion sued Fox for $1.6 billion claiming that Fox’s false claims of voter fraud harmed its business.   

Fox News claimed that Dominion’s machines were rigged causing former President Donald Trump to lose the 2020 presidential election. Days after this settlement, Fox news most popular prime-time host, Tucker Carlson, and the network parted ways.   

According to a report from BBC news, court documents show Fox journalists and executives dismissed and questioned these claims, but still released them on air.   

Also this week, CNN fired one of its most well-known commentators, Don Lemon. 

This Friday on Noon Edition, we will talk with guests about this defamation case, media law, the departures of Carlson and Lemon, and other related issues.     

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Dr. Anthony Fargo - Director of the Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies and Associate Professor in the Media school at IU

Joseph Tomain - Senior Lecturer at the Maurer School of Law and Director of the Law School’s Cybersecurity and Information Privacy Law Program

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