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What recent Supreme Court decisions mean for students this Fall 

The United States Supreme Court building.

(Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

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Last month, the Supreme Court made two significant decisions regarding student loan forgiveness and affirmative action.   

In a 6-to-3 vote, President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan was struck down. Biden offered $10,000 to $20,000 for each student and about $400 billion in relief in his original promise.  

The Supreme Court also ruled by a 6-to-3 vote that colleges and universities can no longer consider race in the admissions process for student applications. The ruling came from lawsuits filed against Harvard and the University of North Carolina (UNC) for racial discrimination and has effectively ended affirmative action from higher education after four decades.   

Many are wondering what impacts these decisions will have on students this Fall.  

This Friday on Noon Edition, we will talk with guests about the Supreme Court’s rulings.   

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Steve Sanders - Professor of Law at IU’s Maurer School of Law and Val Nolan Faculty Fellow    

Phil Schuman - Director of financial literacy at Indiana University  

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