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What people are concerned about as students return to school this Fall  


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Students have returned to the classroom after their summer break. While many students normally dread the end to their summer vacation, this school year presents a possibility that students haven’t experienced for years, a full year without any Covid-19 restrictions.  

It has been over two years since the Covid-19 pandemic began. The transition for students everywhere was drastic, as full classrooms turned into Zoom chat rooms and masks became the proper dress attire. Now students can return to the normal classroom environment, see their peers face-to-face, and are no longer required to wear masks.  

However, some are concerned how long this will last. Although Covid-19 cases in the U.S. are down, many Indiana counties still have high Covid-19 case levels, according to the CDC. Some are worried that hundreds of students returning could cause cases to rise again across Indiana. Other concerns with students’ return include Monkeypox which spreads most commonly through close contact; school safety as administrators and communities try to protect students from armed intruders; and personnel shortages, particularly with bus drivers. 

We will cover these topics and other concerns with our guests this Friday.   

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